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Per Olsson

Theme leader, Adaptive Governance, Networks and Learning, Stockholm Resilience Center
Per Olsson
Per Olsson holds a Ph.D. in natural resource management from Stockholm University and is a researcher and theme leader for Adaptive Governance at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. He leads the Centre's initiative on Innovation and Transformation in Social-Ecological Systems. 
His primary research interest is in linked social-ecological system dynamics and resilience. His current research is in global sustainability transformations and how to reverse current trends of crossing critical thresholds and tipping points in the Earth system. This involves studies of agency, social-ecological innovations, and the emergence of new, multi-level governance regimes in response to uncertainty and rapid change.
He has co-authored a number of book chapters including a chapter for the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and articles in scientific journals including Science, PNAS, TREE, Ambio, Global Environmental Change, Environmental Management, Ecosystems, Ecology and Society, and the Annual Review of the Environment and Resources.
Dr. Olsson maintains an extensive international scientific network including researchers at the STEPS Centre (UK), Social Innovation Generation (Canada), DRIFT (The Netherlands), James Cook University (Australia), Stanford University, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He is an active member of the Resilience Alliance and a subject editor for the journal Ecology and Society.
Dr. Olsson has current research and outreach initiatives in collaboration with SHIFT (an accelerator for start-ups), Biosphere Innovation System (a platform for social-ecological innovation), Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship Program, and Coral Guardians (combining music and science for better coral reefs stewardship). These projects serve as innovation spaces for combining music, art, policy and science.