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Climate Change Needs Behavior Change

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Behavior Change in Ecuador

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 Climate change needs behavior change. What people eat, what they buy and what they use contributes directly to climate change. And while human behavior is the root cause of climate change, it can also be the solution…if we use what we know about human behavior and decision-making to help consumers make climate-friendly choices. Solution Search: Climate Change Needs Behavior Change set out to identify and spotlight the best solutions from around the world for motivating individuals, households and communities to adopt climate-friendly behaviors and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The solutions incorporate one or more core behavior adoption strategies: Emotional appeals, Social incentives, or Choice architecture.From over 200 entrants, our judges narrowed the field to the Top 10 Finalists! Click on the finalists below to learn more about their inspiring climate solution, then vote for your favorite. You could help them win $25,000 and expand the impact of their work to fight climate change. Click here to learn more about the science of behavior change.

Top 10 Finalists

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aileen lee
Aileen Lee
Chief Program Officer, Environmental Conservation - Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Elke Weber
Professor in Energy and the Environment; Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs, Princeton University
Mark Tercek
President and CEO, The Nature Conservancy
Varun Gauri
Varun Gauri
Senior Economist, Mind, Behavior and Development Unit (eMBeD), World Bank


Trip to Workshop and Awards Ceremony
Attend a capacity-building workshop and awards ceremony with some of the biggest names in conservation, development and behavioral science
Early Entrant Prize
Awarded to the best entry received by June 1, 2018
Grand Prize
Two prizes, awarded to the Judges' Choice (selected by our panel) and People's Choice (recipient of most votes)
All Entrants
Opportunity to partner with contest partners, judges and Rare’s Center for Behavior and the Environment to expand your solution and the principles on which it relies

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Organization: Akatu Institute
Country: Brazil
Organization: AALAMARAM
Country: India
Country: Ghana
Organization: Akatu Institute
Country: Brazil
Organization: WeavAir
Country: Canada
Organization: Cordaid
Country: Philippines
Organization: Alternative Technology Association
Country: Australia
Organization: More Than Water
Country: United States
Organization: Green Initiatives
Country: China
Organization: Writers for a Sustainable Future/Escritores por El Mundo Melhor
Country: United States
Organization: Back ART Foundation
Country: Bangladesh
Organization: McLaren Flint
Country: United States
Organization: Instituto de Estudos da REligião
Country: Brazil
Organization: Families for a Fossil Free Future
Country: United States
Organization: TreeSIsters
Country: United Kingdom
Organization: Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda IAP
Country: Mexico


Contest Requirements

All entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Context Analysis: Clear description of the challenges and of the context in which it operates and the challenges it faces.
  • Solution: Solution is fully developed, addresses contest question and implemented at some scale.
  • Actions: Clear, concrete steps in implementation. Engaged key partners and stakeholders along the way. Entrant understands how actions could connect to external initiatives as well.  
  • Results: Strong results associated with conservation, climate change and behavior change - and any additional co-benefits, such as economic, food security/nutrition and water.
  • Sustainability: Sustainable solution that can continue into the future.
  • Return on investment: Positive return (financial, social, or other) associated with investment in the solution. Results are reasonable in comparison to the investment.
  • Replicability: Extent to which the solution could be replicated by other communities

Solution Search is open to all organizations who have a proven solution in working with people to adopt climate-friendly behaviors. While we celebrate innovation by individuals, they are not eligible. Entries will be considered that comply with the following:

  • Applications must be submitted by August 7, 2018, 11:59 p.m. ET.
  • If selected as the winner, applicant must agree to use the prize money to further the solution and organization’s goals.
  • If selected as the winner, applicant must agree to comply with all national and international laws governing the transfer of any prizes, monetary or otherwise, across national and international boundaries.
  • Agree to all terms of submission as described in the Terms and Conditions.

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