Farming for Biodiversity

Fundación Ecotop

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Human-nature interactions can only work in the long term if we respect and work with basic rules of life such as natural succession and biodiversity. Our experiences in successional agroforestry have shown that it is feasible to restore depleted soils and plantations of cacao, coffee or other crops in crisis without external inputs, by increasing the turnover of organic matter (energy), by diversifying production systems, and adapting management practices to the specific requirements of the crop and the ecosystem. Simultaneously the main problems with pests and diseases decline significantly. Already in the short term results are achievable. At the same time, food security for farmers’ families improves. ECOTOP helps design alternatives and offers training in successional agroforestry agroforestry, both in small and large scale farming systems.

Spanish, Aymara, Quechua

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