Farming for Biodiversity

Sustainable Income Generating Investment Group (SINGI)

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Once perceived as food for the poor, African Leafy Vegetables (ALVs) and other forgotten crops are making a comeback in Busia County, Kenya, thanks to a pilot project supported by ACIAR, GEF and a participatory multi-sectoral platform that brings together farmer organizations, NGOs and national and international agencies. The project is reviving interest in nutritious ALVs by building the capacity of entrepreneurial farmer groups to sustainably produce, use and respond to market demands for these crops from institutional markets (e.g. school feeding and health clinics). At the same time, education activities are taking place to increase the appreciation and use of local biodiversity to improve dietary diversity, nutrition and environmental resilience but also to provide sustainable, long-term support and empowerment to children, families and communities.

Luhyia, Lhuo and Teso, Swahili and English to a lesser extent

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