Farming for Biodiversity

The Soft Foot Alliance

Entry Overview

The Soft Foot Alliance is dedicated to regenerating the lives and landscapes of the people and wildlife living on the edge of Hwange National Park Zimbabwe. Using the existing frameworks of Holistic management and Permaculture design we are implementing solutions to reverse the degradation of the landscape while tackling human, wildlife conflict. Working as a community to herd livestock in a way that mimic’s nature and regenerates grazing land while keeping livestock safe. Along with the use of simple mobile stockades or ‘bomas’ to keep livestock at night that have the dual advantage of being predator-proof and used to fertilize cropping fields. Part of the problem and the solution is how to get a whole community to work together and not just individuals? The Soft Foot Alliance through our initiative ‘Co-Herd’ have developed a framework where by skills training

Shona, English

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