Turning the Tide for Coastal Fisheries

Entry Overview

Improving Coastal Community’s Living Standard Through Environmental Friendly and Sustainable Management and Usage of Coral Reef Ecosystem in Belitung Island
Kelompok Peduli Lingkungan Belitung (KPLB)
Jl. Hayatimahim No. 02
33412 Tanjung Pandan
2° 44' 57.498" S, 107° 39' 57.3372" E
Describe the problem: 

Belitung has known as a potential producer for tin. Before, the tin mining is only done in land and in this few years some big tin mining corporation proposed to the government to open tin mining in offshore. This condition become a very serious threaten for the Belitung people which are 60% living as a fisherman. Others, Belitung nowadays rising as a marine tourism destination. It means, the mining are not only threatening the fisherman but also the marine tourism. So in our conservation program, the strategy are (1) Make the program as a NEEDED of the SOCIETY not just a needed of the program/ Funding/ Government or environment it self (2) Be Part of Community (3)Synergy Movement (NGO, Government, Private, Scientist and Community) (4) Supported the project with regulation

Biodiversity Impact: 
The 4th strategy above designed with the reasons: Sometimes the program failed/not sustain cause of the society (or event the outsider) think that the project only profiting the owner of the project and the society/environment only become the object, the planning or action not integrated (not involving other stakeholders) and event not suitable with the local condition, and when the leader of the region changing or when other “power/interest” come, it will be influence the program, so protecting the program with the regulation become a strategic method. So in our activities, we conducted: I. Social Preparation II. Coral Reef Restoration This will include: 1. Mapping of Habitat. 2. Coral Farming. 3. Monitoring of Coral Reef Ecosystem. 4. Policy Work to strengthen the recognition of the management system. III. Sustainable Fishery and Eco-Trading This economic empowerment, designation and establishment of a fishing zone will follow the spread of non-cyanide fishing techniques. IV. Developing Kepayang Island as an Eco Tourism Destination based on Conservation and Education Island V. Information Management System The information system will function as database; serve the monitoring needs, basis for decision making, and material for campaigns. This phase will include: 1. Installment of basic infrastructure. 2. Development of the system. a. Developing of an effective communication strategy for the public. b. Documentation of lessons learned to be used in other areas and advancement of the endeavor. 3. Media Outreach.
Human Well Being and Livelihood Impact: 
The activities in the coral program and pushing the government to signing The KKP /MPA become an effective barricade for the tin mining in off shore to come in and it’s means the possibilities the health coastal where the people depend on their life will survive…this condition also strengthen other investor to come for build hotel, travel agent, cause the MPA can assuring and be a guarantee that Belitung ocean will be save and health. - Kepayang Conservation and Education Island has absorbed 14 full time employee, 22 dive guide, 1 group of traditional boat (29 members). Others, this destination has also improve the “quality of live” local people such as fisherman which boat rent by the tourist for hoping island. Before, rent boat for hoping island 350.000 IDR, for touring from one island into other island (3 or 4 island). Spend the fuel around 15 liter. Now since the conservation island exist, the tourist after visiting the outer island (light house island) visit the kepayang island and spend the rest time in the island. It means, the fuel will be reduced, resting time the boat driver longer and reduce the risk. - One of the recommendation result after research and mapping potency of the coastal is Belitung ocean suitable for Diving School. It’s a beautiful choice cause if Belitung become a diving school destination, it will support the conservation program, motivate the local to upgrading their environment and skill, and will be earn more money cause the length of stay diver will be longer. // In the management and governance our salutation related with the local community, in the beginning, we organize the Social Preparation and Community assessments. This will include consolidation of NGO-Kelompok Peduli Lingkungan Belitung as both a facilitator of the people’s organization community, and as the main beneficiary and actor of the project. During this phase, the following activities will be conducted: 1. Production of a Program Information Kit to be used in socialization and consultation of the project. 2. Coordination and consultation of the project, including mobilizing technical, managerial and marketing support, village level meetings and introduction meetings with relevant government and non-government groups (including business community) to gather support and participation in the design and implementation of the project. 3. Recruitment of live-in Community Organizers, who will serve as day to day information and communication managers and directly assist the fisher families in setting up their organization. Community Organizing, including setting up a fisher organization, improving sustainable fishing techniques, managing the organization, exchanging information, and certification, labeling and trading. A three-monthly meeting between fisher organization and the project will be organized for monitoring and coordination.
How many years has your solution been applied? 4 years // Have others reproduced your solution elsewhere? No // There are several strategies to maximize the result, find the effective manners, and build the trust from stakeholders, such as : - Make a good working team, in the internal management KPLB, - Make a team in the government (a team to bridging, mix and match the program and idea into the government situation) - Make a network (local, national, and international) to share the idea, innovation, market, investor, expertise, science, exc. - Maximize the momentum, event, and opportunities to show, involve, and campaign the program. - Make the program always on the right track, focus, transparent, and full of innovation.
We believe, in all country stating that all the natural resources are provided to serve the needs, welfare of the humanity. But there are the holy rule so it could be sustained are ƒ??FAIR AND BALANCEƒ?. Fair between the human and nature, balance in exploitation and regeneration, exploitation and conservation. We believe, when the local society and stakeholders realized and has proved that they can life and earn money from good and health nature, their ƒ??value of lifeƒ? rising by exploiting the nature ƒ??in balanceƒ?, they will guard their own environment. We believe the local people has high local wisdom to protect their nature and we believe nowadays why their wisdom sinking and break the nature, because they have to survive, to earn money, feeding their family..ƒ?Economic Motivationƒ? and outside pressureƒ?? Based on this frameƒ??our programme will be effective if we can answer their ƒ??Economic Motivationƒ? problem by creating the eco-alternative livelihood, rising and honoring their local wisdom into surface and our positive laws/regulation. // In 1st July 2011, the Bupati (major) of Belitung regency and the governor of Bangka Belitung province has assigned the Belitung KKP (Kawasan Konservasi Perairan)/MPA (Marine Protected Area) with the covering area 289,22 ha. In 2010, the Belitung Bupati has also launched Kepayang Island as a Kepayang Conservation and Education Island with the wide area 14 haƒ??for the Coral conservation already plant 1.675 seed of coral. And for turtle already release 2.765 baby turtle.

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