Climate Change Needs Behavior Change

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The Organization is summation a concept as a participants in this competition for the fact that He & his team are Advocate & members of the Ghana Alliance for clean cooking & fuel .We have met the people in the communities & wished to upscale activities to engage the target communities to be aware of the effects of climate change the greenhouse gas emission that has affected the Ozone Layer, thus increase het at Thai part of the world especially Africa & the effects is mostly felt by women & children whose livelihood is affected when there is change in the weather causing rain fall & floods and the heat wave across the world. The project is a COMMUNITY ADOPTION OF CLEAN COOKSTOVES THROUGH EMOTIONAL APPEALS by the POWER OF FEELINGS TO DRIVE CHANGE. The goal is to inspire and enable people to change the way they cook & to Increase adoption of clean cook stoves
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  • Nonprofit
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233 Accra, Western Region
Sectors impacted: 
  • Food and agriculture
  • Land use and ecosystems
  • Material consumption
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  • Urban
  • Rural
Population impacted: 
Over 100,000
Context Analysis
Describe the context in which you are operating: 
Climate change is a tangle of environmental, social, & economic issues. This complexity makes concerted collective action extremely difficult. The diverse attitudes, norms, values, & beliefs that underpin our unsustainable behavior make structuring a clear, unified message nearly impossible. There is a need for a more tailored approach that targets specific unsustainable practices & aims to change them. The aggregate of many small changes can trigger a broader societal transformation. There is already evidence of the important of climate change on the national economy, with clear signs that the coastal zone, agriculture & water are all affected, as are health and livelihoods especially for women resulting in increasing level of poverty. Climate Change is already affecting national economic output & therefore Ghana’s long term development prospects.The nation is particularly vulnerable to climate change due to our over reliance on sectors such as forestry & energy production
Describe the technical solution you wanted the target audience to adopt: 
The project is to change the traditional use of 3 stones Stoves that our parents has been using by collecting 3 stones and arranging pieces of Wood as fuel and cook with it without regards to the smoke emission that affects their lungs especially of the women and their children when cooking at home situation. The alternative locally is a minimum charcoal clean stove which is made by cutting the appropriate shapes from metal sheet. It is molded to shape with a deep chamber with a ceramic liner as insulator of heat inside. When cooking the cooking pot seats on the holder on top. It has a door way below which is used for fanning and received the ashes during cooking. Cook stoves are designed to help means of cooking delicious meals and effectively. The stoves has quick starter and lights easier, retains heat efficiently, is portable and reflects your status and help keep your kitchen neat. The new/ash collector does not leave black and spot or ashes behind so cleaning is a breeze.
Type of intervention implemented (category descriptions)
Select all that apply: 
  • Emotional appeals
Describe your behavioral intervention: 
The BEHAVIOUR that the project is trying to change is encouraging all households in the community to use a clean cooking stove at home to the impact of deforestation and its effect on climate change which is widespread OBJECTIVES To contribute to the improvement and production of domestic Cook stove in Ghana for 200 self-employed micro businesses within the period of 5 years. ACTIVITY-There will be Capacity building of medium and micro producers of clean cook stoves and Acquisition of raw materials provided for the fabricators and Conduct community awareness of the clean cooking products quality control with an Establishment of a consumer production unit. OUTPUT-The Cook stoves will be sold by producers from the regions. Adequate raw materials purchased for the producers to produce more stoves. There will be a Community awareness programs conducted in the regions in Ghana for the products among Consumer and production sites will be established. SUSTAINABILITY-The project will ensure that Producers have enough raw materials to produce. There is a social and Political will to produce more, adequate human resources to re-produce more cook stoves. Use of local policies to address cook stove issues and constant testing of cook stove product. MONITORING-There will be Monthly visits to manufacturing sites to report on activities, Quarterly review meetings, Data on Production collection and External evaluation.
As needed, please explain the type of intervention in more detail.: 
The project will meet the community target especially women in households 70% men in food business 305 and institutions that provides food by using fire and especially poor cooking materials the produce smoke that affect their health during the implementation of their livelihoods. Once every week the team of staff will visit compoude and homes to mount an Education Plat form that will sensitize community people this will be done with talks and role paly that will appeal to the emotions of the community consumers people to aske questions and these questions will be answered with illustrations and demonstration to appeal to the people to buy the products.
Describe your implementation: 
Our behavior-–underpinned by personal attitudes, beliefs, values, and social norms and practices–-is often deep-rooted and difficult to change. To make options available to consumers and decision-makers we need innovation to make sustainable technologies available, and we need the policy and pricing structures to make them accessible. In order to motivate shifts in behavior we need clear targeted messaging that helps people understand that climate change related impacts are local, personal, and immediate and that also empowers people to be part of the solution. As a result of community education through awareness and sensitization programs and activities conducted on Climate change and interfacing it with behavior change strategy of on one marketing and with best practices in using energy efficient Stoves, target participants were educated and all were stimulated to change and all of a sudden the trainees changed and to use the local clean cook stoves in fact the they used their transport allowance given to them to purchase the local clean cook stoves products just after the Awareness training and purchase over 40 locally made clean cook stoves. The enabling condition for the awareness training was very conducive and the participants had not seen the clean cook stoves before or even used it before. But the awareness program brought to light the effect of clean cooking in the present than the past use of smoky stoves in the Kitchen for cooking. The success key factor was: 1 – There is an evidence of the effect of unknown dangerous smoke in the kitchen to the female cooker. 2-Women are in need of a safe cooking device due to long hours of cooking with smoking stoves. 3-The women has found the need to get the clean cooking stove in the homes in the case of no liquid gas.. 4-The locally produced stove are not very expensive than the imported ones in the market.
External connections: 
-MINITRY OF ENERGY-RENEWABLE ENERGY DIVITION -Collaborates with the ministry of Energy -Develops an energy economy - Secure a reliable supply of huge energy for the economy -To work on the development and promotion of renewable energy for the increase access to sustainable services -MINITYRY OF SCIENCE AND TECNOLOGY -Establish as a strong national scientific base for sustainable development. 3-ENERGY COMMISSION -It is the representative of appointees of the president of Ghana. -Recommends national policy for the development and utilization of independence energy resources and to advice the ministry of energy on policies under electricity, natural gas, petroleum and renewables. 4-COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH (CSIR) -Funds under the ministry of Environment all over the country. -Generates innovative technology for Agriculture Industry. -Distribute Clay Wood stoves. 5-PRIVATE MANUFACTIURES -TOYOLA ENERGY-Produce energy efficient stoves and trains. -MAN AND MAN-Produces the Holy Stove, Trains new men and women across the value chain. -COOKCLEAN-Produces the Cook mate stove in Ghana. Trains women to directly distribute the stoves. -COALITIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS IN THE ENERGY SECTOR
Who adopted the desired behaviors and to what degree?: 
‘’ A clean cook stove saves charcoal and it does not make the kitchen dirty’’ ‘’Old Cook Stoves makes a lot of smoke, They leave the kitchen Smokey, your eyes itchy and your throat scratchy’’ Mobilizing people to shift behavior and take concerted and collective action to address climate change is a tremendous challenge. How do we inspire, motivate, empower, and activate people to change? How do we go beyond changing perspectives and enter the realm of changing behaviors? New cook stoves help to reduce smoke emission whilst cooking. It is couth free kitchen. The desire Behavior Change was adopted by 30 women who were invited to attend a clean cooking awareness events at Ashiaman a city a near Tema an industrial are in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.The the adaptation of the degree was as follows;- As a result of community activities conducted on Climate change and with behavior change strategy on marketing and best practices in using energy efficient Stoves
How did you impact natural resource use and greenhouse gas emissions?: 
The locally made clean cooking stoves in this contest are manufactures in Ghana with local scrap metals and they use manual labor for the production and it needs an improvement. At least it is affordable and can be carried along in the kitchen. A research has proved that the clean cooking system of limiting greenhouse gas into the atmosphere is working but at a slow pace.
What were some of the resulting co-benefits?: 
1-COMMUNITY- the Meteorological services on climate changing with regards to the weather in the case of rain fall and add issue of Global warming and Green gas effect on the poor communistes leasing to flood and drought in the northern and the middle belt of Ghana. 2-SOCIAL- Failed crops as a result of heat and drought, stress, floods in Ghana, Drought in the North and the Volta level to generate Electricity power is low and tis has affected national productivity.The Cocoa Industray has been recently in the cocoa produsing regions. 3-RETURN ON INVESTMENT- The project initiatives will CREATE and SUSTAIN CITIZENS AWARENESS and interest in Climate Change and local governance with key local actors about sustainable development, protection and management of natural and local resources and respectful to the environment.
Replication and Scale
The project will rely on grants and local support and will be streamlined into APPLE’s current ongoing programme in the target areas at the end of the project to support local development and managing natural resources, developing renewable energies, economic development and its impact on the environment. Lessons learnt like collaborating with local stake holders. The project activities will be reviewed and the best practices will be injected into the project activities. The training seminars and workshops will involve the grass root lay people who will generate information in terms of Climate Change and Environmental best practices and rights. APPLE as an NGO has been working in the project areas for more than two decades
Return on investment: 
Total cost $35,000.00
How could we successfully replicate this solution elsewhere?: 
Considering the enormous complexity of the climate change phenomenon, it might be useful to follow the “divide and conquer” principle. Think about the best ways to encourage people to change their behavior, even in small ways; inspiring conversations, practices, art, and more can shift perceptions of climate change science, alter cultural norms regarding transportation and diet, or promote stronger values of sustainability. The project will collect specific data on the use of Clean cook stoves in the communities for Documentation and analyzed them. The Pictorial information will be turned in to a Video documentation that will be shown to other communities on the use and effect after using a Clean cooking stove at home.

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