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New Report Identifies 30 Solutions for Reducing Greenhouse Gases Through Behavior Change

A new report from Rare’s Center for Behavior & the Environment quantifies the contribution individual behavior change can make toward curbing greenhouse gas emissions. The Center’s analysis of 80 climate solutions outlined in Project Drawdown, a comprehensive plan to mitigate global warming, found that... Read full story


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Solution Search Names 10 Breakthrough Climate Solutions as Finalists in Global Competition

Solution Search identifies, rewards, and spotlights innovative approaches to promoting climate-friendly behaviors for consumers

(November 8, 2018 - Arlington, Va) - Solution Search, a global contest designed to identify, reward, and spotlight innovative environmental solutions, has released the list of its 10 finalists for the 2018-19 “... Read full story


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Actor and Environmental Advocate Kate Walsh Joins Leading Conservation Orgs in Search for Climate Solutions

(Arlington, Virginia) - Today, Solution Search: Climate Change Needs Behavior Change, announced actor and environmental advocate, Kate Walsh, will join the global crowdsourcing competition as a judge. Walsh joins a distinguished panel of CEOs, academics and officials that will help identify, reward... Read full story


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Six Leading Conservation Organizations Launch Global Search for Climate Solutions Centered on Behavior Change

(Arlington, Virginia) - Today, six leading conservation organizations announced the launch of a global crowdsourcing competition designed to identify, reward and spotlight innovative approaches to curbing climate change by changing consumers’ behaviors. The six organizations sponsoring Solution Search: Climate... Read full story


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With ferns, fish and roots, Ecuador brings its rainforest to restaurant tables

ROME, Dec 19 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Ferns that taste like asparagus when sautéed in olive oil and salt. Leaves with the flavour of garlic. A black, spicy sauce derived from bitter manioc root to go with paiche, a giant Amazonian fish. If the special tasting menu at a restaurant in Ecuador's capital Quito reads like a walk through the Amazonian rainforest, that is exactly the point... Read full story


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Peru's alpine herders revive ancient technologies to face the future

ROME, Jan 8 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - With their alpine grasslands shrinking due to erratic rainfall and glacier retreat, herders in Peru's central Andes have decided that the future lies in reviving the past. To improve access to water and save their livestock, indigenous communities in the villages of Canchayllo and Miraflores have restored abandoned dams, reservoirs and canals... Read full story


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Award-winning Nepalese farmers grow bananas to avert floods

KATHMANDU (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Nepali farmer Bhoj Raj Paudel had just left home to visit his parents when a hill above it collapsed, destroying his ranch and a paddy field and flooding a swathe of land downstream. The landslide was 19 years ago, but he remembers it vividly. “I am happy my family survived but whatever I owned was gone forever,” the 53-year-old father of... Read full story


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Eating the rainforest at Ecuador's top restaurants

Nuts, ferns and roots: Ecuador's indigenous communities are bringing a taste of their rainforest gardens to the country's gourmet restaurants. And they're earning a living in the process.

Check out the video feature here: Read full story


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Solution Search: A Global Contest for Agricultural Answers

As the world’s population continues to grow, so too does the demand for food. Increased production and unsustainable agricultural practices continue to strain our soil and the surrounding ecosystems. This year Solution Search, a global crowd-sourcing contest, is focused on surfacing existing innovative agriculture solutions that support both ecosystem resilience and food security needs... Read full story