Solution Search: A Global Contest for Agricultural Answers

Voice America

As the world’s population continues to grow, so too does the demand for food. Increased production and unsustainable agricultural practices continue to strain our soil and the surrounding ecosystems. This year Solution Search, a global crowd-sourcing contest, is focused on surfacing existing innovative agriculture solutions that support both ecosystem resilience and food security needs.

The contest is open to any organization that has an innovative solution in sustainable farming, while promoting behaviors that strengthen biodiversity across the agricultural sector. Examples of potential entries include: sustainable land use management that integrates the consideration of biodiversity and ecosystems; alternative pest control practices that reduce toxic run-off into local water sources; organic farming methods that increase soil biodiversity (or other species); livestock control measures that protect local flora and fauna; and innovative approaches that reduce human-animal conflicts in agricultural zones. 

Rare CEO Brett Jenks joins Go Green Radio host Jill Buck to discuss the details of the 2017 contest and what's in store for the future of sustainable agriculture. Listen now >>