Past Contests

Change Begins After the Celebration

Solution search celebrates innovation.
Its main purpose is promoting change.

  • $20K Prize & National Geographic Video
    Winners Announced

    The first Solution Search contest, sponsored by Rare and National Geographic, sought demonstrated proven solutions that benefit coastal communities and marine biodiversity. Over 100 entries were submitted from 48 different countries, all of which offered innovative ways to help improve both the tidal fisheries in communities around the world, as well as the people that rely on them.

  • $20K Grand Prize
    Winners Announced

    Adapting to a Changing Environment surfaced locally-driven, nature-based solutions that are helping communities adapt to the impacts of climate change. This contest drew 88 submissions from 37 countries, many of which included powerful ideas and detailed accounts of how community-implemented adaptation strategies and succeeding in protecting biodiversity and enhancing livelihoods while also confronting the effects of...

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